Acting and Chinese History

Acting and Chinese History

Chinese History in Chinese TV

This blog covers some the things I learned about Chinese history through filming in China, and particularly about some of the foreigners who helped shape history there.

Liu Bocheng and Dr Walker

HistoryPosted by Ben Thompson Sun, April 14, 2013 20:55:18
Liu Bocheng was a marshal of the People's Liberation Army, a close friend of Deng Xiaoping. During his youth he was shot through the right eye. His eye was operated on by a German surgeon about whom I cannot discover much information but it seems that his name was Walker. Legend has it that Liu refused an anesthetic and after the operation he told the surgeon he had made 72 cuts. The surgeon was very impressed with Liu's stoicism and gave him the nickname "Chinese Mars" (军神).

This scene was filmed in an old complex of buildings based around a church on a mountaintop near Chongqing, probably quite close to where the event actually happened. The frightful looking wound is made of honey and red food colouring.