Acting and Chinese History

Acting and Chinese History

Chinese History in Chinese TV

This blog covers some the things I learned about Chinese history through filming in China, and particularly about some of the foreigners who helped shape history there.

Cairo Declaration

HistoryPosted by Ben Thompson Sat, July 09, 2016 08:44:33
The Cairo Declaration was a film made in 2015 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Sino-Japanese war. I was in Ireland at the time but I was invited to come and play the part of the British ambassador Sir Archibald Clark-Kerr, who was stationed in Chongqing at that time. I only had one scene but it was the opener for the film so it was fairly crucial. Watching it now I wish I had made my delivery more dramatic, but at the time I didn't realise I was going to be intercut with bombs and fighter planes.

This film had an unfortunate history itself which you can read about here. Because the advertisers put out a poster featuring Mao Ze Dong (who was in Yan'An at the time and never went anywhere near Cairo), the public concluded that the film would be a complete distortion of the history. Actually the film was quite accurate and gave a very sympathetic portrayal of the activities of Chiang kai-Shek and Song Meiling and their part in the negotiations.

This clip is a bit strange, it loses the sound in one or two places. Also the editors did something strange and had me speaking before I opened my mouth. No doubt they reasoned that being English I was quite capable of speaking out of my posterior when required.